The Social Network Profile Analysis is a description based on pictures, videos, comments, and other contents found on the Social Network Profiles that reflect specific pieces of personality information and general human behavior. The results that the analysis gives may sometimes match up perfectly with the social network profile user’s personality, and some other times it may not. This means that there is no scientifically-substantiated evidence of correlation between Social Network Profile Analysis results and the psychological traits of the person in real life. This is an analysis of the Virtual Image projected on the Social Network Profiles. It only describes what someone looks like (what their personality seems to be) according to the contents shown on their Social Network Profiles, not what they actually are. In this specific sense, the Social Network Profile Analysis should be used for an entertainment purpose. However, this same analysis result of the virtual projected image aims at serving another purpose: compare such virtual image against the way we are in real life and question both of them: is that our authentic selves? What is influencing us on the image we want to project for ourselves and other people? What is the ultimate way we should be?

About privacy: Sonepran does not collect any personal identification data. Details such as the name of the person making the analysis or the name and gender of the owner of the profile which are asked at the beginning of the form are used only to customize the result of the analysis which is given at the end. Sonepran does not access social network profiles either: each user will access their regular facebook account and from there they will see the information they need in order to analyze their own profile or their friends’. Also, the result of the analysis is not saved by Sonepran. The only one who can save it is the user who is making the analysis by either sending it to an email address or by posting it on Facebook.