Superficial analysis of Social Network Profiles

Superficial analysis of Social Network Profiles

A superficial analysis will only give a general description in terms of personality features.  So, many actual issues that the person is projecting through their virtual image are not pointed out at all.  The specific superficial analysis offered by Sonepran  is also partial or incomplete due to two strategically selected reasons:

  1. No negative personality features are used. They are deliberately omitted because Sonepran aims at making this analysis work as an introduction to the key area of Analysis of Virtual Image Projection. So, as an introduction only certain terms that cannot be taken as offensive by average people[1] are used. In so doing, people should not be afraid of finding a potential negative description of them in their first approach to analyzing their virtual projected image.
  2. Only so called positive features[2] will be used, however, not all of them are included because each analysis is made of 8 questions (only 8 features as a maximum the analysis will give), so there may be some features that the person is projecting on their social network profile, but none of the questions in the form inquire about them. This means that some questions may be trying to identify certain features, but the Social Network Profile does not have them, or the other way around. The reason for focusing on only 8 types of features per analysis is not making people lose interest in the analysis due to the length of the analysis. That’s why only one single analysis is partial. To get a more complete superficial analysis, several analysis forms should be tried.


In spite of the fact of the superficial analysis not focusing on negative features and using short forms, it is an excellent reference to get a very good idea on some of the main personality features people are projecting. From them the person can start questioning and getting to deeper layers on their own. On the article titled “What to do with the analysis result?” it is explained how they can use such information to get to know themselves better.


An In-depth Analysis of Social Network Profile:


An analysis is deep when the actual issue of the image being projected is pointed out. Unlike the superficial one, this analysis will include both negative and positive features on the image being projected by the person. The so called Positive Features  on this analysis are also seen a deeper way: many features categorized as positive may actually be bad because of their intention and context. Each deep analysis explains in this type of scenarios.

Also, more than single terms and phrases related to personality features, the in-depth analysis will include actual descriptions of image projection issues. It will be made of several statements explaining the tendencies and issues  in the image the person’s ego is trying to project.

The forms will be bigger, however, they still will not cover all the types of images that may be being projected on certain Social Network Profiles.

Note: negative features or positive features with a negative intention in this  society are a vast majority.  This in-depth analysis is not being offered. In the near future Sonepran will also enable it. This analysis will require registration, and a special disclaimer should be accepted for people who decide to go for this type of analysis since Not everybody would understand or take right the information of a deep analysis: the Numbed-Awareness in them wouldn’t let them understand it. They should be prepared first.

[1] Average people within this context makes reference to people who may not see nor understand the idea of the analysis and who are not prepared to find themselves with and face some issues they may have.

[2] If a person has a so called Positive Feature based on an intention controlled by lies of Numbed-Awareness, then such good feature is no good any more. i.e. A person who feels confident, but it is based on the money they have and that they think makes them superior, or on some look or shape they have which meets some feature of stereotyped beauty.