On Social Network Profiles there is an interesting and important phenomenon of human behavior that can and should be analyzed. It’s a phenomenon about image. When people interact through this type of virtual environment, there is an image they want to project consciously or unconsciously. It all involves manifestations of personality.

What do we look like through the contents we post on our Social Network Profiles? What image on our personality are we projecting? What impression on the way we are, are we giving? What personality traits or features are we projecting on our Social Network Profiles? Extroverted, reserved, quiet, easygoing, confident, etc? Is it the way we think or is it different? Have we ever questioned if the image we try to project on who we are is self-directed (being authentic) or others-directed (just reproducing certain behavior which is “in fashion” and is labelled as cool, and therefore, it has social approval)? Is the projected image of us what we really are or is it only a superficial mask that is far-off our authentic selves?

Sonepran brings up this topic to the attention of Social Network users and wants to help them get an analytical mindset on the image they are projecting on their Social Network Profiles.

Generally speaking, there is a tendency among most people: they are likely to project an image which is not their authentic selves, an image which rather takes them away from their essence. Therefore, getting self-knowledge is urgent for us to be assertive towards externalizing our essence, in a first place, for ourselves, and in a second place, for those around us. However, reaching this level of self-knowledge requires a lot of mind training, analysis, and time. The activity on this website aims at being just a start for this quest. It is just an invitation through an entertainment activity* to begin this questioning.

This same questioning should take place in real life. However, the virtual environment of the Social Network Profiles is an opportunity like never before in history of humankind where people meet and project image about their lives and personalities. Therefore, we must take advantage of this modern tendency to use it as a tool to help us become wiser human beings.


* The results of the analyses are superficial. For a deep analysis, a person should spend a lot of years of self-analysis and/or be with a good psychologist who can analyze them deeply through multiple therapy sessions and different methods.